L'Envolée restaurant

The restaurant of La Demeure Montaigne transforms a former inner courtyard into a luminous winter garden. Under the large glass roof, the daylight brings out the vibrations in the stones that cover the walls and the tables. A fireplace warms the atmosphere in winter. As for the furniture, it blurs the boundary between inside and outside, notably through the choice of cane sofas and armchairs.

The name of the restaurant L'Envolée is a tribute to the gigantic mobile created by the sculptor François Lavrat, representing a flock of birds flying from the bar to the sky.




Our chef Roméo OHOUE delivers a cuisine that combines classicism and audacity. Our creative menu is made from rigorously selected products. As for the dishes, the menu is short but sharp. The emphasis is on the season according to the resources of the land and offers a choice of the best fundamentals. All our products are fresh and sourced in France. The open kitchen shows the processing of fresh products and the beautiful harmony of the brigade.

The wall surrounding the fireplace is also in bluish colours, and stands out for its singularity: black marble with blue stone chips from a Brazilian quarry, allowing the light to pass through.

The restaurant l'Envolée is open from Monday to Saturday, from noon to 2pm & from 7pm to 10pm.





Located on rue Clément Marot, take a break on our terrace and meet up with friends and colleagues while enjoying one of our creative cocktails.

Located in the heart of the hotel, take a break at the bar and meet friends and colleagues in an intimate setting.

You won't want to miss our buffet breakfast, served until 11:30 a.m. on weekdays and 12 p.m. on weekends!

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